The Perfect DIY Duck Hunting Decoy Pond

Who needs a real pond to hunt ducks from when you can recreate a fake one to place wherever you want?

The biggest problem a lot of waterfowl hunters face is finding a water source to hunt over. This is even more true when you are using public hunting areas that tend to quickly become crowded and soon turn ducks away.

Eliminate that issue by creating your very own portable decoy pond. Yep, you read that right. With a tarp and a little work, you can create your own personal pond to drop down anywhere you please.

What You Need:

  • Black or dark blue tarps (Square or cut to preferred shape and size.)
  • Stakes
  • Duck decoys
  • Large flat area


  1. Find yourself a nice flat area in a field or clearing and spread the tarp(s) out. The tarps can be used just as they are but you can get creative here and cut them out into various shapes like a natural formed pond would be.
  2. Stake the edges down every few feet to prevent them from being blown up by the wind. You can take this a step further if want here as well. Some people have dug slight trenches all around their tarps to tuck the edges down into before using the dirt to pile back on top of the tarp. This will prevent all but strong winds from blowing under your tarp as well as give it a more realistic look.
  3. Spread your decoys out like you would on any other duck hunt. Keel-less floating decoys will be perfect to make it look like they are floating and complete the illusion.
  4. Dig up chunks of tall grass and drop them roots and all on the tarp to give it better appeal and add to the illusion.
  5. Get ready to start calling and blasting.


  • This setup works especially well on cloudy days as it mostly stops the sun from reflecting off the plastic.
  • The heavier the tarps, the better the look and easier it is to combat the wind.
  • Use multiple tarps spread over an area to increase your odds with more "water" coverage.
  • If possible, throw a few buckets of water across the tarp to help add some more realism.

This is starting to become quite a popular way to attract waterfowl to you when finding somewhere just isn't possible. Get out there and give it a shot, the results might just surprise you.