YouTube: Alex Lopatnyuk

Distracted Jeep Driver Ends up With Canoe in Windshield

Selfies are becoming dangerous. With the narcissistic rise of the selfie came the selfie stick, where you literally put your phone on the end of a retractable stick to really get a good shot of yourself.

Well, this Jeep driver was trying to film himself driving with his selfie stick and runs right into the truck in front of him, which happened to have a canoe sticking off the end.

See how this driver gets a canoe stuck in his windshield all because he had to get the perfect shot.

These boys were headed out to go gator hunting and the guy driving the Jeep was clearly excited.

It was also, obviously, his first time using the selfie stick. You can see him checking on the angle, probably wondering if it's on and filming and then...crunch. He runs right into the canoe sticking off his buddy's truck bed.

Hopefully this is a good reminder to put the phone down when driving. The selfie can wait.

Or you can just patch up your windshield with duct tape.

This post was originally published on January 16, 2020.