Did You Know You Could Rent Out Your RV for Some Extra Income?


If it's just going to sit there, you might as well rent out your RV with Campanda.

This may be news to those of you who own an RV, but tens of thousands of people like you from around the world are successfully making consistent money renting out their vehicles.

The simple, secure, and safe way of renting out your recreational vehicle is officially here: Campanda.com.

If you were unaware, there are probably questions popping up already. These are the biggest things to understand about how it works:

Hold the Controls

The RV owner has complete control over the entire process. They are the ones who set the availability and pricing for their RV, and there are no surprises.


See It All

As an RV owner on Campanda, you'll receive rental requests and can independently choose whether to accept, reject, or further investigate any prospective renter before moving forward.

Low Risk, High Reward

Campanda provides secure payment processing, free insurance (covered by the renter), and 24/7 roadside assistance to RV owners using the platform.

It's FREE!

To get your RV up and available for rent on Campanda, it costs nothing. RV owners can pause and restart their listings at any time. Campanda only makes money when the RV owner has a successful booking on their RV, and it's only a 20% commission at that.


Since there's such a huge (and growing) group of dedicated vacationers looking to rent an RV, now would be the time to start using Campanda. Owners on Campanda are already making as much as $4,000 a month renting out their RVs!

So the next time you catch a glance of your RV, covered and sitting idle, locked up for the next month because of other commitments, remember Campanda. You could be making money and maintaining trust that your RV is well taken care of.

Find out how much you could make renting your RV through Campanda.