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Delivering 150,000 Shiners to a Fish Hatchery, the Quick and Easy Way

Ever wonder how they deliver shiners to a fish hatchery?

There are fish hatcheries and stocking companies operating all over the country to help state and federal wildlife agencies stock public waters and for citizens to stock their own private waters. These operations often deal with large amounts of both game and baitfish.

Did you ever stop to wonder how all those fish are delivered to these places from other operations? The answer is a large truck specially fitted for live fish transport.

This truck not only allows the transportation of huge numbers of fish, it also has a quick method of delivering them from the back of the truck to the holding tanks. The video below shows how they do it and it is incredibly satisfying to watch.

Is it just us, or does this look like a fun job delivering live shiners all day? The crazy thing is this load of fish was not even that truck's maximum capacity. As Jordan noted, this truck can hold upwards of a million shiners in its tanks. This load was ONLY 150,000!

You do not really realize just how many fish that is until that first tank is filled. The sides of the tank are a bright white and the water is crystal clear blue coloration, but the tank takes on a black appearance from all the fish that were just dumped inside.

If you have never visited a fish hatchery before, we recommend finding one locally and taking a tour. They are interesting places to visit. They are educational for children too! Plus, you get to see more fish than you ever dreamed of seeing in one location before. I have one local to me that allows you to feed dozens of different species in a specially built viewing pond.

We also enjoyed Jordan's little bass feeding session at the end of this video. It is safe to say the bass in his pond are fat and happy after dumping all those fresh shiners in!

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