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Oklahoma Game Warden Rescues Doe Stranded on Icy River

This warden is a deer's only hope of getting off the ice.

The recent cold snap across much of the continental United States caused all kinds of problems for people. Forgotten in all the chaos were the animals, many of which experienced winter weather conditions they may have never seen before. That's how animals like this deer in Oklahoma got into trouble when it wandered onto the frozen Arkansas River.

Hooves and ice do not mix, and it did not take long for the deer to get stranded out on the ice, unable to get back to shore on its own. Fortunately, the Oklahoma Game Wardens are here not just to enforce wildlife laws, but to make a rescue in a pinch too.

Watch as Kay County Game Warden Spencer Grace braves a trip out on the ice with a rope to bring the stubborn young doe back to the safety of the shoreline.

It looked like the doe wanted to dart back onto the ice, not knowing the dangers. Fortunately, Grace was able to guide the deer back to where it should be. At the time the video was shot, temperatures were dipping as low as three degrees, which would not be a good thing for a deer stuck in the exposed winds on the ice.

While no animal's survival is guaranteed in nature, this at least gives the doe a chance under harsher than normal weather conditions. This isn't the first time we've seen a deer rescue off the ice and it probably won't be the last either. Chalk this one up as another dramatic rescue by the Oklahoma Wardens that was caught on video.

Fortunately, this one had a happy ending. And it just goes to show that a game warden's day is never a dull one. Great work warden Grace!

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