deer pong

Bucky the Stag Talks Trash While You Play Deer Pong (Family-Friendly Beer Pong)

Forget beer pong, it's all about deer pong.

The holidays are here, and that means not all holiday celebrations are child-free. No worries, we found the perfect game that will bring you back to your 20s and before you had kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. The kids (and adults) are going to love Deer Pong.

Hasbro Gaming (yes, the company behind Transformers) created the perfect party game for the entire family. Deer Pong is very similar to the beloved game, beer pong. Instead of a worn out folding table and beer, you're shooting ping pong balls in party cups that hang on antlers.

Deer Pong Game, Features Talking Deer Head and Music, Includes 6 Party Cups and 8 Balls Fun Family Game for Ages 8 and Up

  • Ships from the United states
  • Under $15
  • Great for all ages

How to Play

Players on each team bounce or throw the balls into their team's cups. Keep playing until one team's cups are filled!

Bucky the Stag is ready to play. Bucky's mouth moves, as he trash talks. (Billy Bass is going to have a new friend.) He says funny sayings like: "Not fair. I'm an easy target." Along with, "Hope your aim's better in the bathroom," and "Hmhh I let you win."

This holiday season is going to be one to remember. I don't know about you, but this sure does beat playing boring board games! A talking deer and beer pong-style games? What more could you want?

You can find the goofy family game on Amazon for only $14. Amazon customer reviews are fantastic! A customer gave it five stars and said, "Way too much fun! Perfect in garage/man cave. Easy to put together."

Black Friday is almost here, so head over to Walmart for more stocking stuffers and gift cards.