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Buck Passes Hunter's Stand While Bow Is Still on the Ground

If a deer hunter drew up his or her worst-case scenario, it would unfold exactly like this.

A lot of things can go wrong in the deer woods, resulting in not filling your tag by the end of the season. However, this is about as painful as it can possibly get.

I would imagine a feeling of helplessness would consume your entire body. Every time I climb into a stand, set myself up and harness myself in, I fear what might come in those seconds or minutes before my bow is in my hand.

This hunter had that very thing happen to him and it's hard to watch...

It isn't like this is a small buck or a doe. This buck looks like a definite shooter. The buck moved through the forest bed right to the bottom of the hunter's tree before he sniffs on his bag and bow.

This is what you'd call a front-row seat to the worst show in town. This is a hunt I'm sure this guy will never forget, no matter how badly he may want to.

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