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Hunter Gets Harassed on His Own Property

YouTube: Cheap Hunter

Hunting harassment is a real thing.

It's one thing to have your hunt ruined by someone trying to make life difficult for you. It's another to have it happen on your own property.

If you've ever had an unpleasant neighbor cause problems for you, this clip is sure to make you cringe.

Watch the video below:

Here's the original statement from the hunter:

"While Hunting my property I had neighbors call the cops and tried to call the DNR on me while legally hunting, to get them to come onto my land and mess up my hunting. They also had someone drive blaring an air horn out a car three separate occasions."

The horns would go off around once every hour. It's hard to believe hunters receive this level of harassment.

Thankfully, many states are now legislating for hunter harassment laws to protect deer hunters. Other states already have laws in place. In fact, Wisconsin's Governor Walker just singed a bill outlawing hunter harassment.

Be sure to know your state's hunting harassment laws to protect friends and family from anti-hunters and bad neighbors.



Hunter Gets Harassed on His Own Property