hunter takes down deer during pennsylvania deer drive

Young Hunter Makes Shot on a Running Buck During Pennsylvania Deer Drive

He makes it look effortless!

It can be frustrating for hunters and conservationists to watch hunting interest dwindle across the younger generation. On occasion, however, we see a young hunter like the one in today's video from Rip 'n Stik Outdoors who gives hunters hope for the survival of their favorite traditions. Here we see Luke, who's acting as a stander for a good ol' deer drive on opening morning in Pennsylvania. Without any hesitation, this young gun puts the crosshairs on a buck with his lever-action .44 Magnum, orchestrating a sequence we all dreamt about when we were his age. The drive begins to take shape around the 6-minute mark.


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Is it just us, or did this kid have ice water running in his veins? That 8-pointer was on the move and wasn't going to slow for anything. Yet Luke did not hesitate, and he managed to put three rounds on that buck in rapid succession.

We still can't get over the "no big deal" type of reaction this kid had after this hunt. We don't know about you, but we were shaking like a leaf our first few deer hunts where we finally got a shot off! This kid is going to kill a lot of big deer in his career if he can keep that cool demeanor every time a nice buck strolls into shooting range.

Congrats Luke on some great shooting and a great buck. Videos like this give us hope that the future of hunting in still in good hands!