deer runs up to a bowhunter in the woods
Luke Linstedt

Watch: Fawn Runs up to Hunter, Freezes When It Realizes He's a Person

This is like a scene straight out of 'Bambi.'

Wildlife interactions are a part of hunting in the woods, but hunters don't expect deer to come straight up to them. Yet that's exactly what happened to one hunter in this clip that looks straight out of Bambi. Luke Lindstedt was out in the woods scouting locations for the upcoming bowhunting season when a little fawn came running up to him. He posted the adorable interaction to his TikTok account @lukelindstedt with the caption, "If I didn't have the video, nobody would have ever believed me. One [in] a million."

The beginning of the clip shows the little fawn running straight for Lindstedt, which he captioned, "I think we're both a little confused." The tiny deer ran so fast that it was almost as if it thought the hunter was a friend—until he got close enough to realize otherwise. The deer hit the brakes as the realization sank in: It had just run up to a human. It freezes mid-stride, leaving one hoof up in the air. The funniest part is that it keeps moving its head as the camera moves around it, but the rest of its body is frozen. The poor little guy tried to blend into the backdrop as best as possible. Thankfully for Bambi Jr., Lindstedt let him be after taking the video for evidence.


If I didn?t have the video nobody would have ever believed me ? One and a million ? #fyp #foryou #hunting #whitetail #fawn #deer #fearthedeer #bowhunting #foryoupage

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The TikTok universe responded as we'd expect, with the adorable interaction going viral and hitting 2.4 million likes. One viewer wrote, "The deer is like, 'stand very still; maybe the human will not see me.'"

Another viewer wrote, "I had a baby deer run up to me like this too! They're so brand new they have no idea." One commenter chimed in with, "He said, your not my mommy," kicking off a whole series of comments along the same thread. A viewer wrote, "When I went up to the wrong lady in the grocery store thinking they were my mom"—something I feel most of us can relate to! One of the commenters said their dad had a similar experience: "My dad was wearing a white t-shirt in the woods one night, and a lost fawn came right up to him. We think the shirt resembled the mother's white belly." The mistaken identity is a solid theory. Hopefully, this little guy found his momma.

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