Deeper Smart Fishing Bundle is the Perfect Christmas Gift

With Deeper smart sonar, fishing without a boat just got a whole lot more interesting.

Not only do boats cost a fortune, but they also take up a lot of room. For these reasons, it's impractical for every angler to own one.

Sure, we all know how to fish without a boat; we were all kids with no money once upon a time. However, the playing fields aren't as even anymore. All our friends with boats have more access to prime waters and the means to painlessly travel from one side of the lake to another. But maybe most of all, they have the ability to use a fish finder.

Well, with the Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Bundle, not only can you up your game as an angler, but you can also snag a few perks in the process.

The bundle includes the Deeper PRO+, a night cover, a smartphone mount and a Gerber DIME multitool.

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar


The PRO+ is everything you'd ever want in a fish finder and then some. You can cast this thing up to 330 feet and it'll scan as deep as 260 feet. Instantly, you have eyes in all the water you're fishing from the bank, from a kayak or through the ice. You simply download the Deeper app (available for both iPhones and Androids) and connect the product to your phone, and instantly you have dual-beam, high-frequency sonar at your fingertips.


It features a GPS receiver that creates bathymetric, bottom contour maps so you can see what kind of terrain you're fishing over. The WiFi is pretty impressive, too, as it ranges up to 330 feet. So, you never have to worry about casting your Deeper PRO+ out and not being able to get a signal.

There are a lot of ways you could go about using this fish finder, but for me, it was most useful in scouting an area. It was certainly effective in casting out to quickly find fish, but I found it much more efficient to kayak around the pond I was fishing and scan all the promising areas. By doing that, I was able to find hot spots to return to later, as well as cold spots to ignore.

Once I'd scanned the whole area and marked where the fish were, I was able to put my Deeper PRO+ away and focus on fishing those spots.

The readings are accurate, too. The clear imaging on your phone makes it easy to determine what is and isn't a fish, and it's also easy to use. In general, fish finders can be confusing for people, but I found the PRO+ to be very user-friendly.

And to make it even better the Deeper Smartphone Mount keeps your phone right in front of you!

Deeper Night Fishing Cover


The night fishing cover is a nice little addition to the bundle, as it offers anglers to keep their PRO+ visible in low-light conditions. The translucent orange cover allows a bright flashing LED light to pass through so you can always have eyes on it.

The process for switching the two covers is very easy.

Gerber DIME Multi-Tool


No matter what kind of fishing you do, there's nothing more valuable than a good multi-tool. The DIME from Gerber features a classic butterfly-opening style with a reliable set of pliers. Made with stainless steel, this lightweight knife is very durable and features all the necessities.

In addition to the pliers, you have wire cutters, a blade, a package opener, a flathead, a crosshead, a bottle opener, tweezers and a file.

This bundle is the perfect Christmas gift for the angler in your life, but also a great deal if you're looking for a way to up your game without buying a boat!