Screen shot: Facebook/Queensland Police Service

Deadly Snake in Car Prompts Bizarre Australian Traffic Stop

A Queensland man had to fight off an eastern brown snake while driving at highway speed.

As a driver in the Queensland territory identified only as Jimmy can attest, you and I might know what it's like to find a wasp or a bumblebee buzzing around our heads in the car, but the eastern brown snake of Australia is highly venomous and one of the world's most deadly reptiles.

My Police Queensland reported the man's shock when he said, "I'm driving along at 100 (km/h), and I just started to brake...And the more I moved my legs... it just started to wrap around me. Its head just started striking at the (driver's seat) chair, between my legs."

Here's how the responding police officer found him:

Jimmy told the police officer that he used his seatbelt and a work knife to help fight off the snake, but in those terrifying moments he believed he had been bitten. He sped up to over 123 km/h (or about 76 mph) to get help.

Jimmy stopped and after explaining the situation, he said, "It was pretty terrifying, I've never been so happy to see red and blue lights."

Thankfully the paramedics that arrived on scene soon realized that he had not been struck by the venomous snake, and was likely just in shock.

The on-duty traffic officer has probably heard lots of excuses for speeding, but that might be a new one. He soon realized this was not just another dramatic tale to get out of a speeding ticket and promptly sought medical assistance for the man.

So the next time that you or I drive down the road with the window open and a big bad bug flies in, just remember that it probably doesn't have enough venom to kill a horse.

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