Dawn Freeland: Trailblazing Woman of the Wilderness

Dawn Freeland is helping encourage women's participation in the great outdoors.

When it comes to leaving your imprint in an outdoor sense, true stewards of the land say it's best to keep things the way you find them. Leave no trace, as it's put.

But on the other hand, if you can positively impact the generations-old appreciation humans have for the great outdoors, and encourage people to experience the joy it can bestow, then you're doing something great.

That's what's behind Dawn Freeland and her goal of mentoring and empowering women to gain confidence and knowhow in the ways of the natural world. Fishing, hunting, and camping are activities we should all have a chance to enjoy, and Freeland has dedicated decades of her life to helping as many people find their appreciation as she can.

And there's no way around it: women in the outdoors are still in a relatively new and unknown territory, which Freeland fully acknowledges.

Here's what her own website, WomenHuntToo.com, has to say about Dawn's thoughts on the matter.

"Being a female hunter in a male dominated sport has been trying at times. The prejudices and attitudes have been the hardest to overcome. Some other difficulties have been working with gun store owners, property owners, and the "Good Old Boys Club". I believe I have used my love of the sport to sustain my drive in becoming a successful hunter. I also use my love and knowledge of the sport to help other female hunters have an enjoyable and successful hunting experience, whether they are just starting out or are an experienced female hunter."

Based in Michigan, Dawn has her pick from a number of fantastic outdoor rec activities, and her prowess as an experienced angler, seasoned hunter, skilled wilderness expert, and award winning outdoor personality sets the standard for true Women of the Wilderness.

Her role as one of the most influential huntresses in North America has led her to collaborations with Cabela's, where she made appearances and conducted seminars, plus roles with prominent organizations like the NRA, NWTF, Kids Hunt for a Cure, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

One of the most important messages Dawn has tried to convey is how easy it is, and accessible, for so many of us to take advantage of the hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking opportunities that exist. For whatever reason, be it stigma, tradition, or honest apprehension, there's still a large amount of Americans who haven't experienced the incredible rush of reeling in a predatory fish or harvesting a gobbling turkey.

It's Freeland who has taken on the responsibility of expanding our community and introducing the love she shares for the great outdoors with as many people as possible.

For that we support her, while simultaneously thanking her for collaborating with us here at Wide Open Spaces. Dawn will be contributing articles and other content to help spread her message even farther.

It's an honor to join forces with a person like Dawn, and we hope you'll keep an eye out for more as our partnership continues.