David Beckham Blasted For Getting Approval To Fly Fish In Fjords Where It's Usually Banned
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David Beckham Blasted For Getting Approval To Fly Fish In Fjords Where It's Usually Banned

Who knew fly fishing could be this controversial? David Beckham found himself in a bit of figurative hot water after a recent trip to Norway. The soccer icon went to the country for a fly fishing trip to catch salmon.

However, Beckham's presence drew scorn from locals in the area. You see, fly fishing is actually banned in the fjords. That means locals haven't been able to fly fish due to strict regulations in the area. However, the government made a special exception for the soccer legend given his status, and well, that's not just fair, is it? It's yet another example of a celebrity getting something otherwise off-limits due to their status.

A video surfaced of Beckham fly fishing in a river subject to very strict regulations, according to the The Times. Beckham fished at The Laerdal in southwest Norway. It's a river that locals call the "queen of salmon rivers." In fact, the country's royalty regularly visits it. Due to a decline in the salmon population, Norway banned fishing at the Laerdal and 33 other rivers.

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David Beckham Draws Backlash

Norway believes the decline is caused by global warming and parasites. So how did Beckham get away with fishing at the river? They believe that Beckham's team used a loophole known as stock fishing. That's where caught salmon are transported to the hatchery. Researchers then collect their roe for artificial insemination. In order to be a stock fisherman, you must donate about $126,830.00 to the hatcheries. Liv Signe Navarsete, the governor of the surrounding county, allowed Beckham to fish at the river. She went against other members of her staff who opposed Beckham fishing in the country.

The decision has opened up a firestorm. Lawyer and keen angler Rune Svoren blasted politicians and officials for favoritism. He said he wasn't allowed to fish on the river. He accused officials of selling fishing rights through a legal backdoor. It's a bad look for Beckham, but it's not his fault. The soccer player didn't actually organize the trip himself. He also abided by local regulations.

In recent years, Beckham developed a passion for fishing. That's something I can at least appreciate.