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Cyborg Archer? It's a Thing of the Near Future

How soon will we have more cyborg archers like Angel Giuffria?

Using the latest robotic technology, Guiffria is making strides to bring a face to the name "cyborg archer." Check out this video for an up-close look at how these new technological advances are helping those with missing limbs.

Can you believe how advanced and seemingly simple this technology is for archers? The future of robotics has begun, and it's only going to get better.

In case you missed it, her robotic arm is made out of many different materials: the socket is composed of flexible thermoplastic, the arm is made of carbon fiber, powered by lithium ion batteries, and the hand is made out of various metal, plastic and rubber.

This innovative technology is still new to the market, but as you can see it's already off to a great start. Think of what the future will bring for robotics and those facing disabilities.


Cyborg Archer? It's a Thing of the Near Future