Customize or Stock? What’s the Best Way to Appreciate a Car?

What move should you make with your car? Customize or stock?

Your automobile is your pride and joy.

Even more, your car can be a reflection of your personality. Big and boisterous engines personify loud and proud, while petite and sporty styles illustrate adventurous and understated.

No matter your personality, you want your car to match it. And how you go about it is a matter of personal preference: you can buy the car off the lot and keep it as is, or you can go to work on it, personalizing it in a way that makes it your own.

Here are a pro and con to each approach.

Pro: Customizing your car gives you a variety of styling options

Want a lime green exterior paint, dual chrome exhaust tips or leather trimmed seating with a racing-inspired design? By all means, go for it. There is a dizzying array of customization options available to you.

Con: Your style might not match a future buyer's

Sure, the bright orange was a great look when you chose to repaint your Chevy Camaro a few years ago. However, since then, things have changed in your life. You're married, you might have children and your spouse is ready to say "adios" to the bright eye sore in the driveway.

But there's a problem when you go to sell it: not everyone will be excited with the changes you made. In fact, they might hate them and will choose to go a different route.

With this in mind, if you have any intentions of selling your vehicle in the future, going with stock or a style close to it will be the best way to sell your vehicle later. However, if you plan to keep your vehicle until the day the engine doesn't run, then, by all means, go nuts with customizing it.

After all, making your car reflective of your personality is one of the biggest joys of owning it, and it's the best way to appreciate it.