a bear and her cubs try to climb a snow bank
Ponce De' Leioun Facebook

Tiny Bear Cub Struggles to Climb Massive Snowbank As Car Goes By

In case you need a reminder, mama bears can be incredibly fierce. Faced with the tiniest hint of a threat, they will charge—much like the mama bear in this Facebook video. Facebook user Ponce De' Leioun uploaded a video from his car showing three little bear cubs attempting to climb up a snowbank to their mama.

In the adorable video, two of the three little guys make it from the roadway to the top of the snowbank, but one little guy is having a hard time. No matter what he does, he cannot jump up to where his mom and sibling are standing. The car creeps along the road next to them, capturing the scene.

The little cub runs down the road a little, attempting to jump up at a different spot. But when that fails, he becomes stressed, barking and screaming at the top of his lungs. The more stressed he becomes, the more protective mama is. She runs over to the cub but catches the car out of the corner of her eye. The distressed cub is quickly left sitting on the side of the road as she charges full speed at the car. The situation was stressful enough without humans standing by to document it all. Of course, as soon as mama bear did what mama bears do best, the driver high-tailed it out of there.

As soon as mama bear was certain the threat was gone, she stopped her pursuit and returned to her cub.

Viewers had a lot of empathy for the poor little guy. One commenter writes, " The cub was terrified, and the mama bear felt like they were threatening her cubs, They should have backed off or stopped completely to let the bears get away from the road. The guys recording this obviously have no understanding how to treat wild animals." Another added, "Babies will yell like that no matter what. Had two, and they would scream bloody murder, especially when they finished their bottles. He's mad he can't get up the bank."

Of course, both of the commenters are correct. The driver should have been more respectful and given the bears some space in their natural habitat.

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