Crystal Clear Ice Makes Hikers Look Like They're Walking on Water

Hikers take walking on water to a whole new meaning on a lake in the Tatra Mountains, but some viewers doubt whether it's genuine.

Walking on water is a feat that not many people can attest to. Sure, people can walk across frozen lakes in winter, but then you can often tell that they are walking across a lake with the snow and ice covering it.

In this video hikers are walking across a frozen lake in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.

Nothing amazing there you might think, but what has made this video go viral is the fact that the surface is like a crystal clear sheet of glass - giving the impression that they are actually walking on water.

While it's is amazing to see the hikers walking across the clear frozen lake, there has been plenty of debate from many viewers questioning whether or not it's real.

What do you think? Real or hoax?

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