Lions vs Crocodile
YouTube: Krueger Sightings

Crocodile Attempts to Steal From 5 Lions, It Does Not Go Well

Lions and crocodiles do NOT get along!

South Africa's Kruger National Park is an incredible place where visitors are treated to spectacular shows of nature every day that rival even the best of nature programs. It is the place to see interactions like the one we're sharing today of five lions going up against one grumpy crocodile.

At first the lions seem somewhat indifferent to the large reptile. However, when one decides to take a swipe at it, the croc decides he's had enough and what follows is a short, but intense, snarling and biting match.

This one happens fast, pay attention closely at 1:20 second mark when nature comes alive for the nearby tourists watching the scene.

That was a quick fight that ended with all combatants living to fight another day. Did you hear the snap of that crocodile's jaws? These animals have insanely strong jaw muscles and had they clamped down on one of those lions, they could have done some damage. However, we're betting the other lions would have bailed their family member out. Still, not many animals could take on five lions like this and live to see another day.

In the end, curiosity did not kill the cat, but it did result in quite the tussle. The crocodile quickly realized he was severely outnumbered and did the only sensible thing. He retreated to the waters as quick as possible. The video's description says the crocodile was lured up on shore after the lions and their cubs left the carcass of a waterbuck laying unguarded.

Obviously, they were not quite done with their meal because they immediately returned to protect it from the intruder. The icing on the cake of this video is the hippo in the background that immediately starts to make vocalizations that sound like laughing at the scene.

Well, it is pretty crazy to think you could take on five lions on your own. We're guessing this crocodile learned a lesson that he won't soon forget from this incident!

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