YouTube: Johan Vermeulen

Hungry Crocodile Gives Bushbuck the Ultimate Jump Scare

The Bushbuck is too fast for the crocodile.

Life in Africa is rough if you're a prey animal. On land you've got lions, leopards, wild dogs, cheetahs and more looking to hunt you down for dinner every day. In the water, hungry crocodiles wait to grab and drown you for their next snack. There is almost no place to go where one can feel completely safe.

In the end, survival depends on which animals are the most alert and the fastest at evading the many predators out for their hide. Fortunately, animals like this bushbuck are fast and nimble, making them difficult to catch.

In this video, this bushbuck heads down to the water for a drink. The animal is understandably cautious knowing what dangers lurk below the surface. It only takes a second for the surface of the water to explode in a fury of sharp teeth!

Today was the bushbuck's lucky day. This is an animal that has obviously seen others get dragged to their death in the murky waters before. That animal was on edge waiting to spring into action from the moment it approached the water's edge. Those were some fast reflexes to avoid that ambush. The crocodile is the ultimate ambush predator and they perfectly take advantage of the need for water.

The video's uploader, Johan Vermeulen, says in the video's description that it took days of waiting along the river to capture this awesome footage. When crocodiles decide they are going to attack, they exhibit some amazing speed and power.

To give you an idea of just how lucky this bushbuck was, we recently saw a video hit the net of a crocodile snatching a young cheetah off a riverbank. In case you forgot, the cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth! It all goes to show that it only takes one false move in the African bush to end up as just another link in the food chain.

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