Cringe of the Week: Man Comes Inches From Getting His Insides Gorged by This Mule Deer

This man comes a few inches from having a really bad day.

They say football is a game of inches. Well, life can be, too. For this guy, it was the difference between a normal day and a day of pain and misery.

With a mule deer stuck in the bailing twine on his farm, this man tries to do his part by freeing the beautiful buck. A sharp knife would have been pretty helpful at this time, and he has been catching grief for not having one.

As he attempts to break the twine, the buck lunges forward with a powerful thrust.

The only thing left to do is cringe and hope the tines don't find their home in some flesh.

With just an inch to spare, the mule deer's rack misses the man's stomach. You can breath easy, no blood was drawn. Luckily the only cringe that came about in this video was as you watched the rack miss his abdominal area or worse, his privates.

The muley was looking for revenge for all his ancestors who had been harvested in the past. Trying to be the first deer to successfully field-dress a human. Now that would have been really cringe-worthy.

But...we are glad he failed.

Life is a game of inches. One more year of growth for this bucks antlers, and this farmer might be in trouble.

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