Antler Shed Found Lodged in Horse's Back

People shed hunt and people train dogs to be shed dogs, but this is the first and only shed horse you will ever see.

Shed hunting is absolutely huge now, and social media just helps it keep growing. One of the reasons I love it so much is, besides its usefulness in scouting and finding history with your deer herd, it costs nothing besides the gas to get there.

With all that said, it can be very challenging and difficult to find them. That's why so many hunters train dogs to shed hunt—so they have another set of eyes and a good nose to help them. But a horse? Now, that is something you won't see a horse finding. Except for this horse, this one time.

Unfortunately for the horse, it looks as if it was just another day in the pasture, munching on natural grasses and enjoying some sunshine, when it lay down and rolled over.

Only to find a pretty decent Texas whitetail shed was now lodged in its back.

Painful, or at least it looks painful for the old mare. The vets from Thompson Veterinary Services in Texas did a fine job of removing the shed antler though.

Here is their statement regarding the removal video:

Here's the video of us removing the antler. Again, this horse has been sedated, & a local anesthetic was administered around the entry wound. 2 small skin incisions were made at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock to help "loosen", & allow easier removal.

Two things to think about here. One, that wasn't just a slight and small little cut or poke, but rather the entire brow tine lodged into the horses back. And two, it wasn't a small brow tine. But a mature deer's antler with probably close to a four inch brow tine.

A wild thing to find, and definitely not something you would expect to see on your horse's back.

But my only question is, where does a guy go, or what does it cost to get a horse like this? You know, one of those shed hunting horses!