Have You Ever Seen a Coyote Struck Down by a Man on Foot?

You've never seen a coyote taken like this before.

There are many forms of predator control. For example, avid trappers use numerous kinds of foothold traps and cage traps, some as a casual hobby and some in order to make a living, but have you ever seen a coyote struck down like this?

This form of hunting, however, is a different form of predator control that finds its roots in a form of Native American Hunting. The hunter calls it "ironwood" or the "Diller Stick."

Take a look at this rare footage and even rarer form of predator control!

As you just saw, the hunter, Casey Shoopman, slowly approaches the coyote on foot then moves to a crawl at eye level with the coyote.

Next thing you know the young coyote is in a full sprint with Shoopman chasing it on foot with the "ironwood." He comes close enough to almost jump on the pup, but the elusive predator changes direction on a dime, so Shoopman resorts to his last option.

Yes, Shoopman throws the stick in a spear-like motion and strikes the coyote square, collects a new fur and saves a fawn's life!