Coyote Gets Leg Blown Off in Intense Night Hunt

This predator has seen its last day, and the last of its front right leg also.

Predator Pursuit has become known as the top night hunting show in our industry, bringing coyotes, bobcats, and foxes in close with incredibly clear night footage. This time, they bring in a coyote that's coming in hot, and with a squeeze of the trigger, another fawn killer is down.

But not before the Hornady severs the leg off of the dog and sends it swinging like a windmill.

Check out this video on another great night hunt from Predator Pursuit.

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Coyotes are thick in this part of Texas, and seeing a double like this is no rare occurrence. Seeing a coyote sprinting towards the hunting rig like this on Predator Pursuit is also no rare occurrence.

If you enjoy predator hunting, make sure to give Predator Pursuit a follow.

You are sure to learn a thing or two about night hunting and you will also get to see great kill shots after great kill shots on pesky predators like this guy.

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