A doe attacking a coyote attacking a fawn. Credit: Nature is Metal/Instagram

Coyote Attacking Fawn No Match for Deer Mom

This coyote must've thought he had an easy meal when he noticed the fawn, but then the baby deer's mama showed up.

Wildlife experts describe coyotes as opportunistic eaters, meaning they eat whatever is available to them. In an instance captured on tape, a coyote somewhere in America thought he had an easy meal when he caught a deer fawn, but then, its mother showed up.

In the video, the coyote is dragging the fawn around by the leg as it dodges kicks from the baby deer's mom. The coyote runs in circles as it drags the fawn around. At one point, the coyote releases its grip and the fawn tries to run, but the coyote quickly snatches it back. Then, mama jumps right back in and starts stomping the coyote. Eventually, though, the coyote gives up the fawn and makes a break for it.


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In the comments, most of the top commenters expressed frustration or anger that someone would film the video instead of helping the fawn. "Sorry to be that guy - but FUCKING HELP the baby. Instead of recording lol," said one while another added: "This is why I'm a predator hunter. I shoot as many coyotes as I can that way The Fawns get to live."

The reality is it's a lot more complicated because a few big-picture things are happening. Experts say deer are extremely protective of their babies and will only abandon them in the most dire circumstances (like being attacked by a pack of coyotes). The other thing is coyotes eat deer but they typically only eat deer that aren't going to survive anyway, so weak or dying deer or unlucky fawns.