Covert Scouting Cameras Ice Cam

Covert Scouting Camera Review: The Ice Cam

Take a look at the new Covert Scouting Camera, known fittingly as the Ice Cam.

Covert Scouting Cameras are well known for their reliability, so when we got a chance to review the Covert Scouting Cameras Ice Cam, we already had some preconceived notions.

Before we share our thoughts, we'll break down the features of the Ice Cam, and also explain how we put it to work in some rigorous field conditions to test just how well the unit works.

The Ice Cam sports the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage pattern, with plenty of light and dark shades mixed together to help melt into a tree's coloration. That keeps it invisible to game as well as prying eyes. It sucks to admit that as a concern, but if you're using a trail cam these days, theft is a reality. I was pretty confident the Ice Cam would be hidden no matter what.

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The camouflage strap kept the concealment going all the way around the tree, blending the small sized 5.5" x 4.875" x 2.5" scouting camera into nature, nice and seamlessly.

The Ice Cam utilizes eight AA batteries, but can run on four batteries for short term use. I thought that was a pretty cool option. I can't count how many times I've suffered from drained batteries and a shortage of replacements. If I could get by with half the number normally needed, even if it was for a short while, I considered that a bonus.

The trigger speed is an incredible 0.4 seconds, with a 1-3 TurboShot Burst that enables something called Maximum Silence Image Capture. The Invisible Flash Technology has a 100-foot range and a no glow LED light.

Now, I'm not always able to completely wrap my head around the latest camera tech lingo, but after seeing and hearing the Ice Cam snap a picture, I could tell a huge difference in other cameras I've worked with. It was so quiet and unnoticeable that I can't imagine how fast Covert's research and development team must be moving.

The Ice Cam churns out 8 Megapixel images and 720p HD video with audio, plus the obligatory Time/Date/Temp/Moon Phase Stamp that gives you all the information you need to know to make sense of the results. The field of view captures 52%, giving you a wide area of coverage.

There is a 1.5" Color Viewer on the camera, which you can use to view the images and videos while out in the field. That is a feature more and more cameras include these days, but nonetheless an extremely helpful tool. Anything that can keep you in the know, up to the moment, is going to be a benefit.

This camera can use an SD Card up to 32GB, providing long term surveillance of any area you choose. That's enough to hold enough photos and videos for a good chunk of preseason scouting, as well as in-season usage.

The Ice Cam has pipe-through security and the case itself has locking tabs for a small padlock. Again, it's something that will hopefully keep sticky-fingered individuals from stealing your camera or SD card. The actual camera itself is contained inside the rubber gasket-equipped case, which essentially acts as a waterproof dry box. All of the electronics are sealed away from the elements.

The reinforced tripod mount is a handy feature for those who don't have ample trees in the spot they want to use a camera.

The best test of any scouting camera is how it does out in the field. We tested the Ice Cam in the heat of an Ohio August. We moved the Ice Cam around the entire hunting property, with the video length set at 10 seconds. We were sure to leave the camera in places it would be exposed to the glaring sun, steady rain, heavy morning moisture, and even some small scale insect invasions.

This sneaky raccoon was not hiding even at night from the Covert Scouting Cameras Ice Cam. It is all on video thanks to the Ice Cam that sports invisible flash. Note all the information that is listed on the bottom of the video mode image. Turn up the sound as this HD video w/audio is incredible.

I moved the Ice Cam to another location overlooking a pile of old chicken food, and two raccoons were caught red-pawed.

Thankfully this hunting area is not all raccoons. This doe took a evening stroll past the Ice Cam.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Covert Scouting Cameras Ice Cam throughout all my testing. Even though there were a ton of videos and pictures taken, there was very little battery drain. The images and video resolution were spot on, with super clarity in both night and day images.

I'd highly recommend this unit for hunters, nature addicts, and even for security purposes. It checks all the boxes, and will serve you well as far as I can tell.

I'll continue using the Ice Cam and fill you in on how it helped, or didn't, throughout the season.

Meanwhile, you can check out Covert Scouting Cameras by visiting their website. Just know that the Ice Cam might deserve a high ranking on your wish list, especially considering the $139.99 MSRP.

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