pig line
Facebook: Hog Hunting Mania

Parade of Wild Hogs Catches Rancher's Attention

Get your guns ready, there's work to be done.

Want to know how to make a farmer cringe and a hunter smile with the same video? Show them this insane parade of hogs sprinting through a field.

There are too many hogs to even count! Farmers see dollars slipping away from the damage the animals are probably causing, and hunters' eyes light up thinking about all the fun they could have hunting that area.

Plenty of bacon around this joint:

The real question is where exactly is this video taken. I know a few people who'd be there in a blink of an eye.

With that much open space and that many pigs, this would probably be a great place to have helicopter hunt. That would definitely be the quickest solution for these farmers, too!

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