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Country Legend Jamey Johnson Cancels Show After Refusing to Disarm

Jamey Johnson takes a stand that costs fans a live performance!

Looks like the Second Amendment has another famous country music legend standing up for it these days. Thats right, as Jamey Johnson arrived at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he found himself in quite the predicament.

Saving Country Music recently reported Johnson was given the option of disarming himself or going through a metal detector prior to entering the venue. With these being his only two options, he decided to hit the road instead. This decision left many concert-goers confused, to say the least.

"As always, the safety and security of our guests is our number one priority," the House of Blues said. "Tonight's artist refused to adhere to our safety and security guidelines and would not enter the building. Unfortunately, tonight's show is cancelled. We regret any inconvenience to our guests. Refunds will be available at point of purchase tomorrow. Our box office will be open at 12PM for any purchases made at the venue.

While Jamey Johnson nor his representatives have address this situation publicly, Tony TC Coleman, the drummer for the band, stated in response to the House of Blues official statement with this:

"As a member of Jamey's band, House of Blues management 'Live Nation' was wrong for how they treated the situation. Jamey was ready to give an amazing performance as he has done every night since the year and 3 months I've been in his band. I stand with him on this. House of Blues didn't need to treat us like we were terrorist. They put a medal(sic) detector between Jamey's busses and the stage entrance and the only people coming in and out of his buses was us. His band and crew and we all have laminated stage identification. We did not come to House of Blues to be treated like we are going to kill the fans. If someone came backstage to harm anybody you better pray there is a Jamey Johnson type individual around."

As you can see, the situation seems to be vague, and specific facts about the scenario have not been released. While there seems to have been plenty of up upset fans in South Carolina, it would appear that Jamey will continue touring and filling stadiums in the future.

With the Second Amendment under constant assault these days, it is good to see big name celebs like Jamey Johnson advocating for it.

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