Robert Bush/YouTube

Count the Critters Crossing 'The Log' in This Trail Cam Compilation

This might be the best trail cam footage ever captured.

Robert Bush Sr. has found a log in the Pennsylvania mountains that is attracting a whole lot of attention. The animal kind that is.

Being a trail camera guru, and a lover of nature, Bush Sr. decided one day to place a cam at a particular log site to see what he could capture.

What we're sure was a surprise turned out to be a collection of critters crossing on a weekly basis, the likes of what most cams rarely reveal.

The end result, which Bush Sr. edited down to a compilation from almost a years' worth of footage, is a delightful eye-opener to say the least.

How many different critters can you count?

Sixteen wonderful species in all, displaying wondrous behaviors that only a well-placed trail camera could reveal.

It's no surprise that Bush Sr's. 'The Log' has went viral, delighting audiences around the globe.

Be sure to join Bob's Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera Facebook page for more wonderful captures from 'The Log.' What critter turns up next is anyone's guess!

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