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Could Illinois Soon Allow the Baiting of Deer Outside Deer Season?

Illinois deer baiting

The Illinois Senate panel is tentatively moving ahead with a plan.

In the state of Illinois, it's currently illegal to bait or feed wild deer whatsoever. Corn piles, salt block and mineral sites are all prohibited. But, some people are working to change that.

We could talk about CWD and other diseases many people believe spread through feeding until we're blue in the face.

State Sen. Chapin Rose recently told lawmakers in Springfield that there are veterinarians who claim feeding deer outside of hunting season will help keep the animals healthy.

"The healthful benefits of supplemental feeding, to go with nutritional support, will be a net positive to the deer population," Rose said in an interview.

Although the panel has OK'd the plan to be able to feed wild deer, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources isn't currently on board. According to Illinois News Network, senators are still cautiously moving ahead, though.

We'll see how it plays out, but it's interesting to see the whole thing taking shape.

Is it possible Illinois could eventually allow the feeding of whitetail outside of hunting seasons?


Could Illinois Soon Allow the Baiting of Deer Outside Deer Season?