Indy the K-9 is partnered with a Kansas Game Warden. Credit: Kansas Game Wardens

Conservation Dog Tracks Down Turkey Poachers

Kansas authorities located not one but three turkey poachers last weekend in Miami County, about 40 miles south of Kansas City, thanks to their trusty K-9 named Indy.

According to Monday's announcement, a landowner contacted local authorities on Saturday about turkeys being poached off his property. In response, the game warden along with deputies from the county sheriff's office arrived and confronted two individuals.


Indy the K-9 recovered three turkeys killed by turkey poachers during the investigation. Credit: Kansas Game Warden

As the investigating officers worked through a language barrier with the two, the warden's dog Indy tracked down two turkeys (a tom and a hen), three .22 rifles, and an air rifle. Then, officers arrested the shooter and charged him with multiple wildlife violations.

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Afterward, the game warden and Indy set out to search for more evidence when they found another suspect in the woods. The man walked out with his hands up and was arrested. Additionally, Indy found a third dead turkey.

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks, the spring turkey hunting season kicked off April 17 and will go until May 31. All hunters — residents and nonresidents — are required to have a hunting permit except for those hunting on their private property.