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This Company Is Making Little Summer Hats for Dogs and We Just Can't

Your dog hates the sun in his eyes too.

This is where the Machiko Summer Dog Hat comes in. Made with your dog's specific needs in mind, these adorable hats help to protect your dog's eyes from the sun on even the sunniest days.

The large ear holes allow it to sit comfortably on your dog's head and a soft, elastic band goes under your dog's chin to keep it secured.

Dog Hat

Plus, the hat is made from a durable canvas that will be able to withstand even the most active doggie lifestyle.

Dog Hat

The Machiko Summer Dog Hat is available in nine adorable designs including leopard print and camouflage. There's even a value-pack option with all of the designs available if you're having trouble deciding!

Dog Hat

At only $19.97 from Puppy Love, this is the perfect item to help your dog enjoy the beautiful weather this summer.

Small dogs can benefit from pet hats! These are not dog costumes or party hats but dog visors! The glare sometimes makes a dog sun hat a worthwhile investment. It's basically the same investment as the baseball hat I wear every day when I'm outside. This design is unique since it has a chin strap.

Visor hats will help protect your best friends eyes. So your baseball cap, cowboy hat, bucket hat, or even top hat are not as functional or as a simple as the Machiko Summer Dog Hat.

What goes along well with a dog hat? A bow tie, fancy dog collar, or a bandana and it doesn't have to be Christmas.

Would you get your dog the Machiko Summer Dog Hat? Let us know in the comments below!

All images via Puppy Love and Puppy Love/Facebook

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