bullet rifle pens

Come on, You Know You Want (Need) a Bolt Action Pen

There is nothing fun about your average ballpoint pen. 

This amazing Rifle Bullet Pen takes jotting down notes to a whole new level. The bolt action pen combines something you love into something you can use daily. This is the perfect addition for your desk and it can even make for a great gift! I gifted this pen to a friend at work and he loves it.

You can do the same right now for 48% less than what I paid, so you're only paying $10.39. That's a serious steal for a pen like this.

Rifle Bullet Pen

rifle bullet pen
This ballpoint pen is great for taking notes or handing out signatures. The solid brass construction makes this pen look classic while the gunmetal plate finish completes the total look. Keep it stored in your desk drawer or clip to your pocket so you're ready to write at all times (aka, look good in front of the boss).

Treat your self to this pen, because I promise it will make sitting at your desk all day a way more entertaining.