Piss-Poor Sportsmanship Award: Combat Fishermen Throw Punches Instead of Casts

Watch two fishermen who have had it up to their waders go a few rounds right in the river. Here's the real reason why we call it combat fishing.

Ever been fishing and some guy next to you casts over your line? How about when another fisherman steps out in front of your spot and starts casting, or stomps through the stream next to you?

There are a million reasons why it pays to be courteous in a public fishing area, but these two guys have forgotten all that.

Sit back and watch what happens when one guy tries to walk away and one guy can't let it go:

There's no doubt that the guy in the dark vest and the purple hat was doing the best thing by trying to walk away while the character in the green vest still wanted to go.

Well he got his wish, didn't he?! That dude in the hat launched three good shots into the loony that wanted a piece of him and dropped him like a bad habit. Even though the guy got back up, you could tell he didn't want to throw anymore.

When he started splashing water on the first guy you knew that: 1) He had had enough, and 2) He was drunk at the minimum. Let's hope cooler heads prevail the next time.