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Colorado Woman Discovers Den of 30+ Snakes in Her Walls

Moving into a new home should be a fun experience, but for one Colorado woman it's been terrifying.

Moving into your first home should be a joyous event, but for one Colorado woman, it's become her worst nightmare. Amber Hall was going through her garage boxes when she noticed her dog staring at the wall. She went to investigate and discovered a snake slithering up the wall.

Within a week, she found 10 snakes.

Hall told CNN that since the initial discovery, sh hired a snake-removal expert who has found up to 30 snakes—and they said there likely will be more.

The discovery has certainly put a damper on the excitement of her new home purchase.

"It's rough. I'm 42 years old, and this is my first home," Hall told ABC 7. "I've worked my whole life for [this house], and I can't enjoy it."

Understandably, Hall has stopped unpacking due to the snakes.

"I can't unpack any of my stuff because I'm definitely afraid that there are snakes in the boxes or under the boxes," said Hall. "It's like you crawl into bed, and if the sheet brushes your foot or something, you immediately rip the covers off or jump out of bed to make sure nothing's in there."

The snakes are not just in the walls, either. They have been found under her patio, leading snake removal experts to believe her home may be on a den. But, the removal process won't be cheap or easy.

Hall's cousin, Kori Nichols, has since started a GoFundMe for the nurse and single mother. On the page, Nichols writes, "She has been told these are garter snakes, and when they reproduce, they can have up to 80 to 100 babies at a time. This means there could be hundreds of snakes living in the walls of the house."

So far, Hall has spent thousands of dollars trying to safely remove the snakes from her new home without much help from the listing agent, seller, or buyer's agent. Nichols writes, "She needs help to raise money to hire an attorney and for a hotel while in the process of getting the snakes removed, pest control, a contractor, and anything else that can help her deal with this."

According to the Colorado Association of Realtors, Hall can sue if she can prove the sellers were aware of the snakes.