elk tangled in cables
Colorado Wildlife

Watch: Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Gets Cable Stuck in Antlers

Wildlife officials worked on the elk while park visitors watched from a safe distance.

Authorities in Colorado had quite the situation on their hands when an elk near Estes Park was found with an unusual accessory on his antlers. Somehow, he managed to get a cable thoroughly wrapped around them.

A video posted to X, formally known as Twitter, by @SethPowell_ shows Colorado Parks and Wildlife working together with Estes Park Police Department  to untangle it from the bull elk's ginormous rack.

Now, officials didn't just wing it—not this close to the rut, which usually starts mid-September and around which male wildlife can be especially aggressive. They tranquilized him for his safety and theirs (park staff have been attacked before). The large animal lay still on the ground, which allowed them to do their work.

Powell, who posts under the username Colorado Wildlife, wrote on the platform, "Wildlife with antlers are increasingly prone to becoming entangled with objects found around homes. Pick up items around your (house) that could pose a risk to becoming entangled in antlers!"

Elk and deer can get their antlers easily caught in swings, ropes, hammocks, and other outdoor decorations. Either they don't see the objects in their way while running, or they are using the tree or post they were attached to to rub off their velvet and get tangled. Usually, wildlife officials step in when they feel the object will interfere with the deer or elk's well-being.

As you can imagine, this isn't the first time a hoofed animal has been spotted with something extra in their antlers. One sported a round swing for some time, while a buck looked like he was getting ready for Christmas with a full rack of lights. Since elk are in the rut, a cable could have caused harm to this elk and any opponent he decided to spar with. Thankfully, any real damage was averted.

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