12 gauge coasters

Coasters Are Lame... Except When They're These 12-Gauge Coasters

The rules do not apply in the man cave. Or do they?

Your man cave is your sanctuary, right? No one can yell at you about drinks without coasters and chip bags left unrolled on the coffee table. But don't you want to take care of your man cave, too? These coasters add a not-so-lame twist to the whole coaster thing and you don't have to sacrifice the theme of your dedicated spot.

These 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coasters are great for keeping those drinks from damaging your table, and a pack of four is only $12.69.

Four Piece 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Set & Base
gauge coasters

These coasters are hand painted with a gold metallic finish to give them that real-life appeal. They are non-slip padded so they are sturdy and durable and they won't scratch your furniture. Heck yes.

There is no way your buddies can poke fun when you have coasters like these. I, as a strategic gift giver, gave these to my man so he would learn a thing or two about keeping drinks off our table. He totally enjoyed them for how cool they looked and I enjoyed them because I won the battle. Small victories!