Claymores and Detonator Found in Underwater Treasure Hunt

You'd never believe some of the stuff people throw off bridges.

Jake Koehler, aka DALLMYD, has been integral in pioneering a one of the fastest-growing genres of YouTube content: underwater treasure hunting. He and other fishing YouTubers, namely Brandon Jordan from the Jiggin' With Jordan channel, have gradually become famous for their freshwater scuba diving videos.

Spending the majority of their time diving around Columbus, Georgia, these guys have mastered searching a local rivers while scuba diving, learning trends of where the most items are dropped, tossed or washed up.

In past videos, they've found some pretty crazy items, including possible murder weapons, phones, a disgusting amount of trash and heaps of lost fishing gear.

This video continues the momentum of Koehler's awesome content, too, as this time he comes across some claymores and what looks like an explosives detonator. However, something's not quite right. Let's take a look at some of his GoPro footage.

Watch the video below:

So, that was nuts, huh? I definitely don't think Koehler was being overcautious whatsoever, either! In fact, I wouldn't have touched those either way, regardless of whether someone told me they were dummies.

Think about it. Why would anyone ever feel the need to toss fake land mines off a bridge? It doesn't add up, does it? I would've played that safe all the way down to the wire. I probably would've just called the police.

However, police probably wouldn't have been too happy with me if they brought a bomb squad down only to retrieve plastic props. So, on second thought, maybe this was the right move after all.

Like he said in the video, though, that detonator honestly did look pretty real, so it's probably worth a phone call regardless.

And, on a final note, hold on to your phones, people!