bear hunting with mules
YouTube: Bear Hunting Magazine

Clay Newcomb Hunts Montana Black Bears Using Mules

Is there anything more traditional than hunting on the back of a mule?

Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb has been busy over the past few years, becoming a more familiar face across the internet. And, as his reach continues to expand, so does his creativity, which as resulted in his preference for hunting with mules.

In this particular hunt, he set out on a cross-country trek from Arkansas to Montana for a spot-and-stalk black bear hunt. He finds himself deep in the Montana backcountry for all of 16 days in pursuit of wild bear meat.

Watch the video below to see if he succeeds.

As someone who's never tried hunting with horses or mules, I can only imagine it offers a sense of reward, similar to harvesting an animal with a bow instead of a gun. Typically, the more primal your hunting methods are, the more satisfying the harvest is.

And, there aren't many things as primal as packing out a black bear with another animal. Plus, 16 consecutive days of hunting surely puts some wear and tear on a man, especially after missing a couple shots.

However, I'm not sure you could ask for more in a black bear hunt. First off, nothing holds a candle to a big-game, spot-and-stalk hunt in the mountains, let alone Montana. Second, they had multiple shots at bears, one of which was a beautiful color-phase. And finally, they finished what they set out to do; they successfully harvested a bear on mules.

It'll be interesting to see where else Newcomb takes his bear hunting adventures. One thing we do know, however, is we can count on him to never half-ass a hunt.