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Is This The Chupacabra?

A resident of a Houston community says the coyote-like creature pictured above that’s been stalking his backyard is the legendary Chupacabra.

Scott Black of the Doliver Point community said last Sunday he was able to take photos of a large, vicious, hairless dog-like creature that he says has been stalking his backyard. Black told KPRC News that he’s seen the animal four times in his backyard, and is convinced it’s the mythical Chupacabra.

Other residents said they have seen the creature three times in the complex during the past 11 days.

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“Big, long, pointy ears. Long tail, had no skin, or no fur, but you could see splotches of gray,” Black told KPRC News in Houston. Apparently, an Ohio trapper saw the photos and has sent Black a cage to try and capture the creature.

While Black is convinced the creature is the Chupacabra, one local animal expert says he’s seen the animal before, and while he doesn’t think it’s a coyote, he does think it’s a mix of exotic canine species.

Animal control expert Claude Griffin said he believes the animal is likely the result of irresponsible breeding practices by exotic pet owners in the Houston area, which created the large, strange dog-like creature.

“People are actually inbreeding the animals and letting them go and claiming that they’re catching them,” said Griffin. “They are practicing the perfection of inbreeding.”

Griffin also said he believes the animal could be a mix of coyote, canine species, and possibly a dingo.

The Chupacabra is a mythical creature that is rumored to live throughout the Americas. It’s name literally translates to the “goat sucker,” as it is believed to suck the blood of goats and terrorize livestock. There are several interpretations of what a Chupacabra looks like that range from a dog-like appearance to a humanoid-canine type creature.

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Whatever the animal that was found in Houston really is, it sure is ugly.

Have you ever seen anything that looks like this? Do you think the Chupacabra actually exists? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Is This The Chupacabra?