Chuck Norris is Starring in His Own Toyota Tacoma Ad

World class action hero Chuck Norris is starring in a new Toyota Tacoma ad campaign titled Tough as Chuck.

Are you ready for this? Probably not.

Check out the new Toyota commercial, and see why the star seems to have been waiting for his moment in this kind of medium.

The clip opens to Norris chopping wood before a passerby requests his signature on the all-new Toyota Tacoma. From there, an awakened Tacoma embarks on a series of adventures, surfing skyscraper-high waves, enjoying a dance show, playing chess with a "Russian grandmaster," and retrieving a football from a tree.

Even its door is capable of knocking a bandanna-wearing ninja out cold.

Chuck Norris is arguably the most memed action star of all time, known for outrageous fictitious claims made to distinguish his toughness and ability.

Now Toyota has advanced the Chuck Norris myth and legend by starring him in his own commercial. About time, huh?