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Does Your Chicken Need A Harness? Chicken Keepers Say Yes!

Does your chicken need a walk? Some chickens or ladies need a day out away from the coop.

My chickens aren't tame at all and the only way I'd be able to get that chicken harness on would be at night after removing them from the roost bars. The roo would give me the side-eye and the little dinosaurs would never forgive me!

I'm seriously jealous of any chicken keepers that can get these harnesses on and take their hens for a walk.

Staff note: I also wanted to know how to get the chicken harness on. See the video below the product details for instructions!

Yesito Chicken Harness 

This chicken harness is easily adjusted with straps. It's available for $14.99 and there are three colors of bow ties. They also come in small and medium.

If you haven't ever seen a chicken harness in action, click here for videos and images on Instagram. These are our faves.

How does a chicken harness work? 

Chickens on a leash? Is this a good idea? We like the breathable mesh and think a small pullet may enjoy some time walking around the pasture so they can scratch and peck in a new area.

Backyard chickens like to have adventures outside the coop so now they can safely by walking on a leash and wearing a chicken harness like your dog. A silkie or smaller breed may work best with this product as we have some large breeds like Orpingtons and they're big birds so I'd start with a smaller breed.

Know someone who could use this? Tell us in the comments below!

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