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Chiappa Firearms: 8 of Their Most Interesting and Useful Gun Offerings

Chiappa firearms make some of the more interesting guns on the market.

Let's give a little love to the small firearm manufacturers. Everyone knows the big names like Winchester, Beretta, Savage, Remington, etc. There's not a lot of talk about the smaller names these days. Today we're focusing on tiny little Chiappa firearms.

They're a rather interesting company. Still family owned, they were founded in the 1950s in Italy as Armi Sport, but now operate out of Dayton, Ohio today. They only have around 50 employees on staff manufacturing an assortment of historic replica firearms, modern lever action rifles like the Wildlands, small caliber rimfire pistols, and arguably the most unique revolver on the planet. We'll get to that... They even produce airgun replicas of many of their own guns. 

To see what we mean, we've got a roundup of some of their more interesting offerings. Amazingly, for how small the company is, their firearms are also surprisingly affordable.

Chiappa Little Badger Rifle

This first gun, a folding survival rimfire, should give you a good idea that Chiappa isn't your average firearms company. Chambered for .22 LR, .22 WMR, and .17 HMR, Chiappa offers this gun with both the metal folding stock you see here or a folding wooden stock and forend. The unique design allowed Chiappa to cut the weight to 2.9 pounds for the metal stock and just 3.6 for the wooden version. The metal one has a quad picatinny forend for accessories. Oh, and the barrels are threaded! Both rifles fold to pack away into a small case or backpack. Perfect for stashing into a plane or canoe for a backcountry trip as a backup or for a bug-out bag. The fact that they start at under $200 is amazing for a takedown survival rifle too.

Chiappa 1911-22

What shooting enthusiast doesn't want to own at least one 1911? John Browning's classic and timeless design for a semi-auto handgun. The only problem is, a 1911 chambered in .45 ACP can easily set you back at least $1,000. Not everyone has that in the budget. However, Chiappa's 1911-22s are chambered in the much more affordable to shoot .22 LR and come in under the $300 mark. The 1911-22 has a 10+1 capacity, and is available in blued, tan or OD green finishes. Grip options include Hogue rubber and a classic-looking stippled walnut. Barrel lengths include four and five inches. Now anyone can own the 1911 of their dreams without breaking the bank to do it.

Chiappa 1887 Mare's Leg

We already mentioned how Chiappa makes replica firearms, and their replicas of the Winchester 1887 lever action shotguns are hot sellers. Another classic John Browning design, Chiappa makes several different versions of the 1887. We picked the Mare's Leg for this list because of how iconic this firearm became after appearing in the movie "Terminator 2." The company even made a special "Rosebox" limited edition for the movie's 30th anniversary. Chiappa offers two versions of the Mare's Leg, one in a black finish with a walnut grip and forend and another in matte blue with rubber coated walnut for the pistol grip and forend. The 1887 is one of the company's most expensive firearms, but these 12-gauge shotguns are sure to be a hit with your family and friends at the range.

Chiappa Rhino

Most people with a passing familiarity with Chiappa have heard of the single/double-action Rhino. Depending on who you talk to, it's either the ugliest gun on the planet, or one of the coolest. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, we can all agree they are unique. The thing that sets Rhino apart from other revolvers is the barrel and cylinder. Instead of firing rounds from the top of the cylinder, the Rhino fires from the bottom. The company says this reduces recoil and helps with muzzle climb on the shot. They have gone all-in on this design, offering in a plethora of finish options from nickel and gold plated to black anodized and rainbow PVD. Barrel lengths vary between three to six inches. Picatinny rails offer additional customization for some models. Grip options include black rubber or a classic walnut. Most of these revolvers are chambered for the mighty and iconic .357 Magnum, but they also offer the Rhino in 9mm, .38 Special, and .40 S&W. If you're looking for a truly unique revolver, look no further, the Rhino is it.

Chiappa M9-22

One of the cool things about Chiappa is how they have embraced the idea of rimfire training pistols. Just like the 1911-22, the M9-22 is modeled off a famous and popular firearm, but at a much more affordable price point. In this case, it's a replica of the Beretta M9. The weight is right, and the iconic controls are all here. The idea being you can train on the Chiappa to get more proficient and accurate with your Beretta. Only without the cringe of burning through hundreds of rounds of expensive 9mm ammo! Especially during the ammo shortage we're experiencing right now. This pistol is also a solid option for anyone who simply wants a replica of a classic military service pistol in a more affordable package.

Chiappa MFOUR-22

Just like the handgun replicas for training, the idea behind the MFOUR-22 is to build a semi-automatic sporting rifle package that is cheaper to shoot with rimfire ammo than a centerfire build. Spend time honing your skills with one of these rifles for fast hunting or self-defense scenarios and you'll be ready when the time comes. Of course, the MFOUR-22 is also a solid option if you're just looking for a fun, AR-style plinker in an affordable package. These guns feature flash suppressors, six-position adjustable stocks, polymer grips and sights you may already know from a stock AR. Chiappa offers ammo capacity options here too with 10-round magazines for states like California and 28-round magazines for states without restrictions on capacity.

Chiappa Double Badger

Not many companies are making combo rifles with two caliber options anymore and that's a shame. Now, more than ever, we see a lot of usefulness in a gun that has the versatility of both a rifle and shotgun. Chiappa makes a few different variants of the Double Badger including a 20-gauge/.22 LR, a .410 bore/.22 LR, a .410 bore/.22 WMR, and a .410 bore/.243 Winchester. With one of these guns, you can cover small to medium sized game to big game like whitetails with the .243. Chiappa includes a fiber optic ghost ring and front sight and a dovetail rail for optics. As a bonus, they managed to keep in the price range in the $350-$400 price range, which makes one of these a good investment as a backup/survival gun for "just in case" scenarios.

Chiappa 1874 Sharps Rifle

For gunsmiths and old west history enthusiasts, the 1874 sharps is a classic rifle that helped build and shape America as we know it today. Popular with the first trappers and hunters to dive into the wilds of the American West, the falling block rifle also saw use with sharpshooters in the Civil War in both the full size and carbine versions chambered in .50-70 Government. Today, the Chiappa version of the Sharps is chambered in another iconic round, .45-70 Government. It has the classic octagonal barrel design, a double set trigger and adjustable rear sights. The blued finish and wooden stock and forend make it look like it was taken right out of the history books. It's not a cheap rifle by any means, but for anyone looking for a historic firearm for the target range or an extra challenge in hunting, this is a solid option.

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