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Chevy Silverado Driver Shows You How to Off-Road on Sand Dunes

If you've never enjoyed a quality sand dunes off-roading session, then you're missing out on a seriously epic experience. To get started, all you basically need is a vehicle with four-wheel drive (it is doable with 2WD, but you'd probably get yourself stuck quite a bit) and a sense of adventure. That being said, there are still a few tips for you to follow to avoid getting yourself in a sticky situation.

Thankfully, YouTuber hoohoohoblin is here to make sure that first sand dunes off-roading trip goes as smoothly as possible. For his above instructional video, he took his Chevy Silverado to Pismo Beach off of California's central coast to show us how it's done. Watch and learn!

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Per hoohoohoblin:

Here is how to drive a four-wheel-drive truck or car in Sand Dunes. Driving in sand dunes is easy if you know a few simple things about how to control your vehicle, and how to set it up for driving and sand dunes. In this video, I am driving my OBS Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck in the Oceano sand dunes at Pismo Beach. This video shows you techniques on how to drive a 4x4 on sand dunes.

To drive your truck in sand, make sure you lower the air pressure down between 10 and 18 psi, and always make sure you don't stop your truck unless you are pointing down hill. Driving on sand dunes is fun, and this video will help you learn how to do it. This video also shows what to do if you are stuck in sand dunes.

Yep, it's pretty much as simple as that. Looks like a blast, doesn't it? So, then what are you waiting for? Time to plan that off-roading dunes trip ASAP!

This post was originally published on August 7, 2019.

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