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Family of Cheetahs Commandeer Tourist Vehicle, Just Because They Can

Cheetah Tourist Vehicle
YouTube: DoRaLiWi

Who is going to tell cheetahs they cannot lounge on tourist vehicles?

The cheetah is the world's fastest animal and just one of many big cats that call Africa home. While the big cats are extremely quick and cunning, they are not usually thought to be animals that are dangerous to humans. Still, if you ever encounter one in the wild, you will probably want to give it a wide berth.

This was something that obviously slipped the minds of the tourists in this video and their guide for that matter. Because a female cheetah and her four cubs do more than just check out the vehicle, they take it over!

The tourists can do nothing but sit there and watch as the big cats crawl all over the cab, and eventually settle themselves on the roof for a lazy summer afternoon nap!

The video's description notes that this footage was taken in Maasai Mara, a large game reserve located on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. The reserve borders the extremely well-known Serengeti National Park and is a natural grassland that is a paradise for many of Africa's most famous creatures.

This footage was shot in 2015, and it seems that at one time, it was common to park and let cheetahs crawl all over your vehicle. However, the video notes that this practice has since been shut down by park rangers. For obvious reasons. As beautiful and as docile as these big cats seem, they are still wild animals. It only takes a split second for one to become startled and attack for no reason.

Another reason to avoid this kind of thing is simply because the animals will lose some of their fear of humans, which could get them into trouble down the line. It is the same reason rangers eventually made tourists stop feeding the bears in Yellowstone years ago after it was common practice. We are just glad to see neither tourists nor animals were hurt in this admittedly humorous encounter.

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Family of Cheetahs Commandeer Tourist Vehicle, Just Because They Can