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Check Out What This Guy Finds Lodged in a Buck’s Head

Talk about a headache. This hunter finds an arrow shaft with a broadhead lodged inside this dandy of a buck’s head.

Whitetails are incredibly tough. As hunters, we see things all the time that only make this statement more true.

Well, this video will give you a whole new appreciation of just how tough these deer are. Check out what is lodged inside this buck’s head after this hunter removes the skull cap and rack for mounting purposes.

When this hunter found a deer with a swollen eye covered in puss, he knew something was wrong. But he definitely didn’t expect this.

Stuck directly through the eye cavity and right below the brain is a full, fixed-blade broadhead and about 4 inches of an arrow shaft. We’ll never know how this actually happened. We’d have to assume it was either a very disrespectful, unethical choice in shot placement or just a bad case of buck fever. And what’s even more stunning is this warrior of a buck kept on trucking.

Part of what intrigues me the most about whitetail hunting is their will to survive. They just seem to have an unmatched resiliency to nature, predators and freak accidents like this.


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Check Out What This Guy Finds Lodged in a Buck’s Head