Boise River Trout

Check Out This Giant Boise River Trout Caught on 4-Pound Test

This angler skillfully landed this giant Boise River trout on just 4-pound test. 

If you haven't seen this giant Boise River trout, you're missing out. What's more impressive is the line and hook he caught this enormous fish with.

However, it's unlikely that when Jason Waidelich headed out to the Boise River with his spinner rod equipped with a size-8 hook and 4-pound test, that he expected he would land one of the largest catches of his life.

The rainbow trout weighed in at nearly 20 pounds.

Similarly, the fish measured 34 inches long and boasted a 23.5-inch girth. The official weight according to a USDA scale came in at 19.25 pounds.

According to Art Butts, the restoration and conservation coordinator for Idaho Fish and Game says the average trout is 9-15 inches long.

"Anything over 18 people start getting really proud of," Butts said. "Getting anything over 30 is extremely rare. We don't see very often."

"This is a fisherman's dream," Waidelich said.

You never know what you might catch when you go fishing.

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