Check Out the New Rough Series From Bond Arms

Good things come in small packages, like the new Bond Arms Rough Series of compact handguns.

Bond Arms has made a name for themselves with their pint-sized handguns that still pack a wallop, and their newest series continues on the same path.

The Rough Series is a more affordable option for those who want to try out a Bond Arms gun, but are a little intimidated by the higher price tags on other models. But of course, these new guns swing the same type of punches that put Bond Arms on the map in the first place. They're just wisely manufactured to save some time and processes, helping keep the overall cost down.

The new Rough Series features two models: the Roughneck and the Rough N Rowdy. Both are single-action double barrels, but the Roughneck is in 9mm, and the Rough N Rowdy is chambered for .45 Colt and 2½-inch .410 shells. Basically, they've covered the gamut of what a small-statured gun should be chambered in, and gave them a stainless steel finish and black rubber grips for that classic pistol style.

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The Roughneck goes for $269 and the Rough N Rowdy has an MSRP of $299. Those are the lowest price models ever in the Bond Arms family of handguns, and they didn't skimp on a thing. Both of the handguns in the Rough Series are manufactured with the same quality materials and components that are used in their highest end models.

It's the minimal amount of finish on the handgun is what gives it the "rough" exterior look, but it's actually kind of nice on the eyes.

The gunmaker took it upon themselves to find ways to save time and manufacturing effort, without compromising any of the performance or reliability.

"The rough finish adds quite a cool factor to the Roughneck and the Rough N Rowdy," said Bond Arms spokesman Dylan Hunsucker. "We do minimal clean-up and de-burr to ensure there are no sharp edges, and then we bead blast the finish. There is no sanding and polishing of the frame, which takes enormous amounts of time and adds to the cost of our higher-end firearms. The final product is that you can see the parting lines in the frame and trigger guard as well as some of the tool marks on the barrels and casting imperfections in the frame. It gives each one its own unique rough and tumble look."

It's the sort of thing you've got to see up close to really appreciate. And it saves Bond time in the manufacturing process, which they're able to pass on to the bottom line.

In other words, if a Bond Arms compact handgun was something you had your eye on, the entry price just got a lot nicer on the wallet.

Find out more by visiting and seeing all the various handguns the Granbury, Texas gunmaker has created. The Roughneck and Rough N Rowdy will stack up to any of them, and cost a fraction of the price.