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Check Out the New CVA Accura MR Muzzleloader

Check Out The New CVA Accura MR Muzzleloader

The brand new CVA Accura MR is the latest and greatest addition to the CVA family.

The Accura Mountain Rifle (MR) represents CVA's bid to break into the backcountry hunting market with a lightweight, yet still well built muzzleloader. In order to do this, they took their baseline Accura muzzleloader, which is their top of the line muzzleloader (above the Wolf and Optima), shortened the barrel from 27" down to 25", and reduced it's weight from 7.3 pounds to 6.3 pounds.

Like all Accura muzzleloaders, the CVA Accura MR still has a high quality Bergara barrel, uses a 209 primer, has a quick-release breech plug, is fully ambidextrous, comes from the factory ready to accept a scope, and is nitride finished to protect against corrosion. The CVA Accura MR also is available in a really cool Realtree Original camouflage pattern finish.

As a result, the CVA Accura Mountain Rifle is easy to carry, extremely accurate, and very durable.

Check out the video below to learn more about the CVA Accura MR.

As you can see, the CVA Accura MR looks like a really nice muzzleloader. After all, there is a reason why CVA makes some of the most popular muzzleloaders in the United States.

If you're looking for a great muzzleloader to take out on a backcountry hunt this fall, then the Accura Mountain Rifle is certainly worth checking out. Right now, the CVA Accura MR with the Realtree Original Camouflage pattern is available exclusively from

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Check Out the New CVA Accura MR Muzzleloader