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We Check Out the All-New Peregrine Outdoor Products Venture Bucket Pack

peregrine outdoor products venture bucket pack

Wouldn't it be really handy if someone combined a five-gallon bucket with a backpack?

Well, that is exactly what Peregrine Outdoor Products has done with their incredible Hunting Bucket Carrier Combo.

I got a chance to review the Peregrine Outdoor Products Venture Bucket Pack, complete with accoutrements.

Many of us outdoor enthusiasts just love five-gallon buckets. They can carry about anything you want to haul into the wilds or out of the wilds. A rubber gasket lid gives you a great waterproof container. They make great seats, too.

Problem is, they are a pain to carry far with those plastic and wire handles, especially when loaded up with gear.

Peregrine Field Gear has the perfect solution for us in their all new Peregrine Outdoor Products Venture Bucket Pack. Lets take a look at what this incredible pack has to offer.

The bucket itself has a lid that doubles as a padded swivel seat. The pack allows the bucket to sit inside of it. Now, you have a great way to carry that bucket with whatever you want in it with both hands free now.

The backpack is Shadow Grass Blades Camo, so it blends in great away from the wary eyes of game animals. The bucket is not the only load carrier; the pack is, too.

With two insulated water bottle carriers, you will stay hydrated, and your choice of beverage stays cool. Two large pockets will hold two 25-round boxes of 3" magnum 12 gauge ammunition. The shorter pocket in the middle holds one 25-round box of the above as well. That is 125 rounds of shotgun shells. Now, you will certainly not run out of ammunition when the birds are flying.

The pockets are sealed with Velcro fasteners, anti-skid patches on the bottom of the pack keep you from slipping when seated in muddy terrain. Two d-rings are added to attach accessories to also.

Testing the Peregrine Outdoor Products Venture Bucket Pack was enjoyable. I found while fishing the outside pockets work very well for those smaller tactical boxes. The padded swivel seat allows more comfortable sitting than the old flipped-over five-gallon bucket I usually use. A hot day of fishing is quenched by the supplied water bottle pockets. I tested the strength of the bucket itself with several loads of anything I could think of.

For trapping, this pack would be incredible. Figure it as a modernized pack basket. For hauling corn and other bait where allowed, it beats carrying those by hand as the padded back and shoulder straps are quite comfortable. The fabric is very tough and would stand up to rough use afield, too.

For liquids, this bucket lid does not have a water sealing gasket. But you could easily buy a cheap Gamma-style sealing twist lid at your local DIY store. The lid makes quite an audible pop when sealed, so be mindful of that if you are in a hunting stealthy situation. Great thing about this pack is the ordinary five-gallon bucket can be switched out back and forth for what ever job or purpose you have for it. 

Also supplied for this review was two Quick-Shot Shotgun & Rifle Holsters. One is in Mossy Oak and the other is in hunter safety blaze coloration.

This handy invention allows the belt to be worn with the pocket used to hold the buttstock of your rifle or shotgun. The barrel is pointed up in a safe direction until you are ready for a quick shot. Your weight load is reduced from your shoulders and arms by 75% as your waist is used to carry the load. They are weatherproof and the belts come with shell loops for 15 shotshells for 12 and 20 gauge shotguns.

Yes, it also will work with left handed folks too. You can walk for miles or stand and wait for game with your weapon in the proper position. The Quick-Shot Shotgun & Rifle Holster will mount to your Peregrine Outdoor Products Venture Bucket Pack, giving your buttstock a place to sit out of the mud. It will unfold for cleaning and easy transportation, too.

This product takes the load off your arms and shoulders as advertised, and stays out of the way until needed. It has proven to be a hit at the range, and I look forward to using it afield this fall when game seasons open once again.

Peregrine Field Gear's MAGnet Gun Caddy was also included for this review. This handy portable magnetic gun rack has limitless applications and weighs a scant 2.2 ounces.

It has a soft high energy magnet that will not scratch paint, and it will hold most long guns and even fishing rods. Stick this little MAGnet Gun Caddy to the side of your vehicle afield when gearing up and keep your gun from a dangerous fall.

At home, any metal surface now becomes a place to put a long gun or fishing pole. This handle little invention truly lives up to the promises. For side by side double barreled shotguns clip on one barrel and you are good to go. Now that is a brilliant product any hunter or angler would find very useful.

I was thoroughly impressed with all the above Peregrine Field Gear products I tested. Check them out on their website today and see all of the exciting products that Peregrine Field Products offers.



We Check Out the All-New Peregrine Outdoor Products Venture Bucket Pack